Getting to Know Thump Clothing

Get to Know Thump Clothing

October 4, 2015


Everyone’s been there, that anxious month leading up to your ski holiday or season. Checking the forecasts, messaging your mates. Praying that you can take your Compact Shovel and Avalanche Airbag. 


Did you ever think about what might happen if that scary hour of rain on your first day didn’t stop, it only got heavier and heavier and slushier?!! AHH it doesn’t bare thinking about.


We talked to Gregory Reeves, the owner of eco and sustainable lifestyle brand ‘ Thump Clothing’ about his views on the matter and why he thinks he can contribute to the protection of our much loved sport.


Q: Thanks for meeting us Greg, let’s hear a little bit about your background and love for the mountains.


A: No worries, delighted to be here! Sure, I was a pretty late bloomer on the ski front; I went boarding for the first time when I was 16. I was really into Downhill Mountain biking for around 4 years previous to this, so I always knew skiing would be up my street. It’s all mountains and speed right?


Two years after my first trip I embarked on my first ski season to Alpe d’Huez, this is when I really got the bug and improved. I boarded with some mad skiers who were quick, spotted sick lines and wouldn’t wait for me to do my bindings up after a chair lift. This got me fast! I’ve spent a lot of time in the Alps ever since.


Q: So you went on to start a company?


A: Yep I now own ‘Thump Clothing’. I started out as a lifestyle brand, which produced a range of clothing. It was really fun and we got loads of awesome riders representing us in different resorts. The issue with clothing, is it’s relatively easy to fall into which means at the introductory level there is SO much competition.


I decided to put Thump on hold and went travelling with my girlfriend around NZ, AUS and Fiji. It was when flying over Guangzhou in China on the way home that something clicked. Guangzhou was where most of my clothing used to be made, and when flying over, I COULDN’T SEE THE PLACE!! It was awful, on a clear sunny day I couldn’t event see the ground from all the smog.


Q: Wow, I suppose it was quite beneficial to see that first person?


A: Absolutely. It’s easy to produce things from your office and only think about the price of the items you are buying, and not considering any other factors. 


Q: So seeing this was the reason for your recent re-brand?


A: 100%.

We have changed EVERYTHING about the company. From the ground up we have left no stones unturned to ensure we are offering only the most environmentally friendly and sustainable products on the market.


It’s not about hugging trees; it’s about helping our customers to minimise impact easily and affordably. To care about the future of our sport and understand the importance of keeping the snow cold, the trails green and the sea stable”.


Thump Clothing insists on only using organic cotton, recycled polyester (plastic bottles) or Tencel (Cellulose fibre from wood) as a basis for all of their garments. “Organic is a word smashed around, it just make’s me think of people paying a fortune at Wholefoods supermarket” comments Greg. “Within the clothing industry, conventional (non-organic) cotton accounts for the deaths of over 30,000 people a year through taking in fatal chemicals, people shouldn’t be dying over clothes!”.


What’s also pretty cool is that our factories run on renewable green energy which prevents even more Co2 entering the atmosphere!.


Q: Wow! That’s some serious research. Thanks so much for your time Greg, it’s really interesting to see how such an everyday item can make such a huge difference!.


A: No worries at all! Here’s to a sick season! 


Thump Clothing will be joining us at the Ham Yard Theatre for our exclusive screening of Fade to Winter on Friday 13th November and are offering all ticket holders a 15% discount on online purchases using the code F2WTHUMP. Don't miss out - book your tickets for Fade to Winter online today. 

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